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   Quote by Luther Standing Bear. (1933).

"The white man does not understand the Indian for the reason that he does not understand America. He is too far removed from its formative processes. The roots of the tree of his life have not yet grasped the rock and soil. The white man is still troubled with primitive fears. The man from Europe is still a foreigner and an alien. And he still hates the man who questioned his path across the continent."


What the Research Says

  • Statistics Canada: (2008A)Overall Aboriginal populations (Ontario) are significantly younger than non-aboriginal populations.

  • 47.3% of the total Aboriginal population is under 25 years of age (approx. 1.5 times higher than the Ontario average).

  • Aboriginal students currently enrolled in provincial elementary and secondary schools: estimated 50,312, OME (2007) - most current data(18,300 First Nations, 26,200 Métis, 600 Inuit)
  • A further 5,212 students (living in First Nation communities), are served by local school boards through various tuition agreements (p. 5).

  • 42% of Aboriginal people aged 15 years and over had not received a high school diploma compared with 29% of non-aboriginal populations in Ontario (OME, 2007, p. 35).
  • In 2001, Ontario reported: only 6% of Aboriginal peoples completed a university degree compared with a 17% completion rate for non-aboriginals (OME, 2007, p. 35). Note: Ontario is not alone in this poor showing.

  • Aboriginal educational attainment has improved over the last decade.

  • The Aboriginal Education Office (2007) reported that in from 1996 to 2001:
    • Aboriginal people with less than a high school diploma dropped to 39% from 46%.
    • Those with a high school diploma rose to 21% from 23%.
    • Those with a postsecondary qualifications rose to 38% from 33% (p. 35).

    One cannot consider these statistical realities without asking: What is the root cause of this reality? Perhaps more importantly; "What are our children and youth experiencing in the classrooms of this province? and what is the experience doing to them?"

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